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Resistance welding consumables  -   Seam Welding Wheel,Contact Shoe,shaft

PARENTNashik brand spares available in short notice...

Seam welding wheel
PARENTNashik - Paramount Enterprises manufacturer & export best quality seam welding copper wheel for seam welder & seam welding machines.Copper chromium Zirconium copper alloy with hardness more than 78HRB as per RWMA class-2 alloy.
Seam Welding Silver Contact Shoes & Shaft
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PARENT offers seam welding wheel made in RWMA class-2 & class-3 alloy with higher hardness upto 75 - 80 HRB.

Size ranges from dia.50 - 400 mm to various thickness.

Standard sizes of wheels are ready to ship.

PARENT offers excellent quality of seam welding shaft and silver segment  contact shoes for various seam welder, welding machine.


Seam welding housing shaft made in RWMA class-2 & class-3 alloy.

PARENT offers refurbishing of seam welding housing body - gear box,shaft & silver segment to suit original.

PARENT caters flexible shunt, busbar for seam welding machine/ seam welder.

* Conductive grease available ex-stock.

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