Resistance welding consumables - Projection Welding Electrode - Elkonite

PARENTNashik brand spares available in short notice...

Projection welding electrode -
Elkonite faced Cap
PARENTNashik - Paramount Enterprises:Projection welding electrode elkonite faced,brazed cap,tungsten soldered upper cap adapter
  Projection welding lower tip
PARENTNashik - Paramount Enterprises -Projection welding electrode,nut & stud welding electrode for projection welder.

PARENT offers excellent quality projection welding electrode assly with elkonite faced top with hard ceramic insulating pin and bush.

PARENT use special type of insulating bush which gives more life than bakelite bush & no mushrooming as well.

PARENT can redesign projection welding electrode, Nut & Stud Electrode to suit your components with elkonite faced with ceramic pin & bush.

Spares for these electrodes are available easily.


(Standard projection welding electrodes are available.)

PARENT offers lower projection welding electrode -standard, elkonite faced for M4 to M10 studs with various taper.

Special type of lower nut & Stud welding electrode are available in dia.16mm with insulating bush & steel ring. These electrodes you can use  as you use spot welding cap tip.

These electrodes are suitable for M4 to M8 nut.

Advantage - Special nut welding electrode

# Cost effective

# Easy to use, No mushrooming & perfect welding

PARENTNashik - Paramount Enterprises - Projection Welding Electrode assembly for projection welder machine.