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Paramount Enterprises marketed by PARENTNashik brand is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company engaged in mfg. & cexporting all types of resistance welding spares & consumables - weldparts for portable welders, spot welding gun,projection welder,seam welder & robot welding gun like spot welding electrodes, holders, shanks, gun arm, flexible shunt, bus bar, bracket, gimble, switch handle assly, gun arm assly, water cooled kickless cable, jumper cables, air coole cables, seam welding wheels, shaft, silver segment, plattern, projection welding electrodes, nut welding pins, insulating bush,elkonite face cap, tungsten , molybdenum electrodes etc.

Parent has exclusive engineering back up for large projects with highly skilled workforce & experienced team to execute  projects on stipulated time with best international standards.


For resistance welding spares & consumables - one solution # PARENT -world is waiting for ..

Spot welding electrodes are made in A-2/2 Copper alloy with ISO / Morse taper with different style- straigh, single bent, double bent type.


These electrodes are made in cold forming process with higher hardness upto 78-80 HRB which gives more life.


PARENTNashik - Paramount Enterprises- Resistance spot welding shank,holder,gun arm for portable welding gun & robotic welding gun,machine.
Spot welding holder
PARENTNashik - Paramount Enterprises manufacturer & exporter of spot welding electrode tips,cap tip,bent - single bend,double bend tips.
PARENTNashik - Paramount Enterprises- Spot Welding threaded adapter for portable welding gun.
PARENTNashik-paramount enterprises,nashik,resistance spot welding gun arm assly,A-2,A-3 & A4,RWMA class-2,class-3 & class-4,spares,consumables,parts,assemblies for portable welding gun,robotic welding gun.
Spot welding adapter
Spot welding gun arm assly.
Bend type spot welding electrodes

Spot welding adapters are made in different style- BSP,BSPT, NPT threading, ISO/MORSE/BS taper in material A-2/2, A-3/1, A-4.


All tolerance are as per International standards.

100 % inspection before dispatch with quick delivery anywhere in the World in short notice.


Spot welding holders are made in different style- single bent, double bent, straight type with ISO, Morse, BS-807 taper provided in various RWMA alloy  A-2/2, A3/1, A3/2


All holders, shanks are made in cold forming technology with keeping higher hardness for long lasting.


Tolerance as per International standards, quick delivery in short notice.




Spot welding gun arm made in different style/shape- Straight, single bend, double bent in various RWMA alloy A-2/2, A-3/1 with higher hardness.


All arm assly are made in cold forming technology, dully machined on latest technology machines & assembled in co-ordinataion with   highly skilled team members.


Inspected & tested before ship with latest instruments.


PARENT are experts in making these arm assly. in short duration .



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