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Here are frequently asked questions for your ready ref.



  1. What is spot welding?


  • Spot welding fundamentals is Joining of similar or dissimilar metals using controlled electric current & voltage and applying press & heat to get required nugget is called spot welding. It is one of the processes of resistance welding.


  1. What is spot welding process?











  • Spot welding is one form of resistance welding, which is a method of welding two or more metal sheets together without utilizing any filler material by applying pressure and heat to the area to be welded. The process is utilized for joining sheet materials and uses shaped copper alloy electrodes to apply pressure and convey the electrical current through the work-pieces. In all forms of resistance welding, the components are locally heated. The material between the electrodes yields and is constricted together. It then melts, ravaging the interface between the components. The current is switched off and the "nugget" of molten materials solidifies composing the joint.



  1. How does a spot welding machine work?


  • Resistance welding is one of the oldest of the electric welding processes in use by industry today. The weld is made by a combination of heat, pressure, and time. As the name resistance welding implies, it is the resistance of the material to be welded to current flow that causes a localized heating in the part. The pressure exerted by the tongs and electrode tips, through which the current flows, holds the parts to be welded in intimate contact before, during, and after the welding current time cycle. The required amount of time current flows in the joint is determined by material thickness and type, the amount of current flowing, and the cross-sectional area of the welding

      tip contact surfaces.


  1. What are Advantages of a spot welding?


  • a) Spot welding is quick & easy b) extra filler / flux not required c) speedy process d)Automation can be done e) can be weld similar or dissimilar metals f) thin sheet to multiple sheets can be welded g) easy available spares & consumables h) unskilled workmen can use machine giving small bit knowledge of welding


  1. What is a spot welding guns?


  • These are spot welding machines works on same spot welding machine principle as discussed above but are portable type. Most of the time, weld work piece are bigger that cannot moved at welding machines to weld, hence these portable welding machines are used to weld components or word piece.

     These spot welding  guns, having major spares & consumables like electrodes , tips,  adapters, gun arms, shanks, holders, brackets, transformer,  switch handle, gyro, busbar, flexible shunts, kickless cables, jumper cables, water cooling pipes tubes, hanger etc.












  1.  Which are Spot welding gun types ?


  • There are two types of spot welding gun – a) C- type b) X-type

      Both are portable version.


  1. What are Spot welding gun parts & accessories?


  • Generally Spot welding gun required following major parts

      Spares & consumables – Spot welding electrodes, tips, shanks, holders, gun arms, laminated copper flexible shunts, bracket, busbar, gyro,         hanger, kickless cables, jumper cables, switch handle & other small accessories.


  1. Who are Spot welding electrodes supplier?


  • Paramount Enterprises is leading supplier of spot welding electrodes, You will get best quality products of spot welding electrodes, tips as per international standards by , just send your enquiry on following email.


  1. What is formula of spot welding?


  • Heat generation –H = I2R, where I is welding current and R is resistance.

  • Time factor --H = I2RTK, where T is time & K is heat loss.


  1. What are Spot welding Parameters?


  • Spot welding parameters are – Force, electrode face dia, squeeze time, heat or weld time, hold time & weld current.


  1. What is Spot welding electrode material?


  • Usually Spot welding electrodes are main part & consumable of spot welding gun and welding machines, so selection of correct material for electrode is important.

     Common spot welding electrodes are made of Copper Chromium Zirconium comes under RWMA class-2 cover by IS-5182.


     For welding Steel, electrode material should be Beryllium copper – RWMA- Class-3 & for other electrical conductive material welding, you must    use refractory metal like tungsten, tungsten copper, and molybdenum.


  1. Spot welding troubleshooting?

















  1. What are types of resistance welding?


  • Resistance welding have following types process :


  1. What are the types of spot welding electrodes?


  • Spot welding electrodes – Cap tip, button tip, offset tip, straight, bend - single , double bend, elkonite faced, flat, centre, offset, angle offset, cranked, spade, jobbing, Threaded electrodes, composite electrodes, Male electrodes, swivel head.


  1. What is material of spot welding shanks?

  • PARENTNashik is expert & leading manufacturer & supplier of spot welding shanks & gun arms all over. Commonly welding gun arms & shanks are made in RWMA class-2 that is Copper Chromium Zirconium alloy (CuCr1Zr) but for long lasting RWMA class-3 – Beryllium copper alloy is been used.


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