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Resistance welding consumables - Laminated Copper Flexible Shunt

PARENTNashik brand spares available in short notice...

PARENTNashik- Paramount Enterprises Laminated flexible copper shunt connector link made in ETP copper foil required for portble spot welding gun,robotic welding,projection welding,seam welding machines & welder,switchgear industries,electrical panel,electronics, etc.
  Flexible shunt - link

PARENT makes various type of flexible shunt link in ETP copper foil with extra flexibility, durable, long lasting.

Specilist for flexible shunt for spot welding gun,projection welder,seam welder,robot welding and machines.

Shaps - C, J , S & U type, if you don;t have drawing for flex, no worry speak to our sales for help.

Also offers braided flxible link made in copper, silver & tin coated wire braid to suit your application.

PARENTNashik-Paramount Enterprise- Braided Copper wire flexible link connector shunt made in braided copper, tin coated, silver wires for portable spot welding machine,gun,robotic welding,projection,sem welder,electrical switchgear panel,electronics board,MCB,MCCB,automobile cable,kickless singe core cable etc.
  Braided wire flexible link connector

PARENT offers wire braided links cable connectors in various shape & size to suit your applications.

PARENT can supply in bulk with competative price in copper, silver & tin braided wire braid.

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