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               Leaders in Robotic Spot Welding Gun Part

PARENTNashik - Manufacturer of Spot Welding Gun Arm,Shank,Holder,Electrode Tip,Bracket, busbar, flexible Shunt.

PARENTNashik makes resistance spot welding spares weldparts like gun arm, holder, shank, gyro, busbar, pneumatic cylinders, seam welding shaft, gear box, hanger, brackets, Copper alloy blocks, flats & other.

PARENTNashik makes resistance spot welding consumables like cap tip, electrodes, shanks, adaptors, holders, arm, seam welding wheels, bush, projection welding electrodes, flexible shunt, water cooled kickless cable, air cooled cables, tungsten/moly. brazed electrodes, Elkonite, graphite electrodes, tip remover/extractors & many more required in weld / body shop.

PARENTNashik make Non IT gun for automobile industry with different style & TD/TG as per requirements to suit your applications.

We also provide intigration of gun arm module with existing gun.


PARAMOUNT ENTERPRISES with renowned brand .PARENTNashik is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing & exporter company, young energetic, with highly skilled engineering team having more than 2 decade experience in resistance welding consumables, weldparts and having latest technology machining facility, manufacturing all types of resistance spot welding spares & consumables like spot welding electrode tips, shank, holder, adapter, gun arm, bracket, flexible shunt, water cooled kickless cable, jumper aid cable, gyro, hanger, busbar 3d, trigger switch, switch handle assly, pneumatic cylinder, piston rods and many more for portable spot welding gun as well as stationary machine- spot- seam – flash welding – seam welding copper wheel, shaft, bushes, holder etc.PARENTNashik use premium quality of CrZrCu, BeCu alloy with higher hardness for making its copper products maintaining international quality standards with quick delivery & competitive price.


PARENTNashik-Paramount Enterprises expert in resistance spot welding gun arm insulation coating.
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