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Resistance welding Spares    -               Water cooled kickless cable

PARENTNashik brand spares available in short notice...

Water cooled kickless cables
- dual core (6X)
PARENTNashik - Paramount Enterprises - Low reactance Water cooled kickles cable -dual core- 6X
Water cooled kickless cable:
-Single core-Jumper-Aid cable
PARENTNashik - Paramount Enterprises :Water cooled extgle corera flexible kickless single core cable,jumper cable for portable spot welding gun,robotic welding.

PARENT offers water cooled low reactance water cooled kickless cable with different end terminal design depending on rating required by customer.


Size - 300, 400, 450 MCM

Length - 6, 7, 8 feet

PARENTs' design & quality is proven in automobile industries.

Internal structure - Six flexible, multi strands copper rope wound helically around a fluted rubber central core. Conductors  of opposite polarity are seperated by seamless, high abrasion resistannt insulating seperators tube.

# Cooling water flow rate - Min. 9 Ltr/Min.

# Cooling water outlet temp - Max.80 deg. cel.

All test are conducted before shipment..!

PARENT offers low reactance single core kickless cables/Jumper Cable with various end terminal connectors combinations for spot weldung gun and weder.

Sizes - 150 sqmm, 200sqmm,250sqmm

Good quality of braided hose pipe and 99.99% conductive copper braided ropes are used for making these cables.

All required test are conducted at PARENTNashik.

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